BDC Picks of The Week: September 7, 2020

For many, finding “extra” time for self-care, self-help and self-anything-beyond – survival during this pandemic is almost a laughable suggestion. We get it. But in the event you can steal a few moments for you (again, stay with us), we are curating a weekly list of some of our favorite things to nourish the mind, body and soul. Here’s what’s on the menu this week.

OK, there’s a good chance you are already one of the thousands of listeners who have made Motherkind the UK’s Number-one family podcast, and if you are, you also know why a lot of non-mom’s turn to Zoe Blaskey’s empathic, funny, no-nonsense podcast for support and empowerment. Our sister-in-law turned us on to this gem and it’s brought us so much comfort and plenty of a-ha moments. Our favorite so far? This powerful conversation with Carolyn Cowan discussing Mom Guilt and how we humans deal with shame.

Those in the UK know Joe Wicks as the fitness expert who got up every morning and hosted PE/PT training for children all across the country as a way to pay-it-forward during the lockdown. What many people don’t know is that Joe also uploads some amazing (free) workouts for grown-ups on his YouTube Channel. If like many, you are still wary of the gym but want to get our blood pumping in an effective 25-minute HIIT session, this is the video for you.

Sarah Chapman is known amongst beauty insiders as the skin expert to see if you want to strut right past glowing skin and move into etherial radiance territory. Her Skinesis signature massage technique, known for its effective combination of tapping, kneading and pinching both the face and jawline has been the subject of many an editor’s tale, and yes, she’s worked on royal skin. For those who can’t get in to see the skincare guru, there’s the Facialift. A lightweight massage tool with 8 heads and 48 massaging nodules, the device releases tension in both the face and jawline, drains the lymph nodes and leaves the face looking lifted, sculpted and seriously toned. We noticed a difference on day 2 and it’s only gotten better

Whether you’re about to make a major work pivot or ready to start tweaking your lifestyle, Cara Alwill Leyba’s fun, straight-forward Style Your Mind workbooks are the perfect way to start your morning or wind down before bedtime. These are serious guided-journaling- meets-life-coach vibes that are sure to get you thinking bigger and more clearly. Note: We also love to gift these.

We have been known to play Ella Fitzgerald for hours on end, at least a few days a week for the past decade or so (much to the chagrin of the gentleman who shares our space), but these days, if you were to pop by for a socially-distanced cocktail, you’d likely be introduced to our friend, Bill Evans. Widely considered to be one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time, Mr. Evans is celebrated for his use of harmony and his inventive and impressionistic interpretation of the jazz repertoire. We just think he plays beautiful, meditative music that makes bubble bath’s more relaxing, writing more inspiring and wind-down drinks much more fun. This is one of our favorite compilations.

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