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Preston Bailey

Empower Your Team

Whether you’re looking to gain insight into amplifying your personal brand, train your team to be brand ambassadors or sell your product more effectively, our bespoke masterclasses and workshops will help you gain an edge.

We have created informative, interactive and engaging sessions to help individuals and teams learn effective, strategic and interesting content and marketing tips to amplify their brands, engage customers and boost their ROI.

From identifying your brand voice and style to utilising analytics to create a powerful online presence, we’ll show you how to acquire, retain and engage consumers in a way that honours your brand voice and vision.

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Mix and Match the Following Workshops:

  • Brand identification techniques.
  • How to define your brand voice.
  • Networking and relationship building.
  • How to compete in the luxury market.
  • Marketing techniques/building effective marketing campaigns.
  • Digital marketing strategy.
  • Effective social media strategy, ¬†community management and visual marketing.
  • Content marketing and paid advertising.
  • Executive presence.
  • Email marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing and newsletters.
  • Persona identification.
  • Customer acquisition and retention.
  • The power of engaging content & storytelling techniques.
  • How to use analytics in order to increase engagement and boost the ROI.

Who is this workshop made for?

  • Company teams of all sizes, including ONE.
  • Digital marketers looking to enhance basic marketing techniques.
  • Traditional marketers looking to succeed in the digital market space.
  • Brand owners who are overwhelmed by digital strategy and want to learn the fundamentals before taking their website, materials and platforms live.
  • Team leaders and teams who want to demystify digital marketing and content direction and learn insider techniques to up their game and amplify their brand.
  • Those looking to understand how to seamlessly merge content creation, digital marketing and campaign techniques to build their brand and boost their ROI.
  • Individuals looking to optimise their site and gain access to editorial opportunities.
  • Individuals looking to learn effective content direction (editorial, marketing, new media and PR).
  • Start-up owners looking to build an effective online presence.

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